Top Ten Things I Know About Relationships

  1. If you can’t have fun alone you won’t have fun with others
  2. Love yourself – imperfections and all – in order to love others who aren’t close to perfect
  3. Saying no can be a form of self love
  4. Choose quality of quantity. Feeling lonely in a crowd is way worse than feeling lonely on your own
  5. Never compromise. It won’t last. And you’ll be miserable.
  6. Act out of love. Never out of fear, obligation, or guilt. Your actions will last longer
    It’s all downhill after the first date. Unless you both choose otherwise. Conscientiously. Continuously.
  7.  I love you with my time and attention. Everything else makes you a material girl and me a sugar daddy. Roles neither of us want to play.
  8.  Smart really is the new sexy. The bad boy is a hot facade, but gets old very quickly.
  9. Who are you to try to remake me? And disguise it as acting in my best self-interest. Perfection has no equal. Shut the fuck up.

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